What should I do for father’s day?

Father’s day is coming up soon and it is a time to celebrate our fathers and husbands. I believe a father is someone who leads a household in the presence or absence of children. In marriage counselling we were taught about love languages and my husband scored high on words of affirmation and spending quality time. So one father’s day, I woke my husband up with a nice cup of coffee, bacon and eggs and all the works because it is his favourite breakfast. The rest of the day, I selected his favourite movies and we had a marathon and he could not stop smiling.

So, do not feel any pressure to do something big or spectacular. Men are very simple and it is the little deeds that usually bring that smile to the surface. Not sure what to do for father’s day? Here are some ideas you might find useful;

  1. Get up and take care of the kids so he is not woken up so early.
  2. If you prefer, you and the kids can make him his favourite breakfast.
  3. Have the kids write down the one heartfelt thing that daddy has done for him or her and recite it while he eats.
  4. If he enjoys going to church and a priest or pastor will allow it, plan ahead for a moment during the service for a surprise poem, speech or song dedicated to your husband.
  5. Run a hot bath for him and put on his favourite music.
  6. Make life simple for him and hold off on all household chores, home or personal issues!!!
  7. You can book a massage for him if you are not very good at it. Although some men find it uncomfortable, do it for him anyway. After all, all that stress from work needs to dissolve right?
  8. If he loves video games, now will be the time to surprise him with a gift or better yet challenge him or get the kids to play with him.
  9. Take him to his favourite spots for the day or order in wonderful junk treats and have a movie marathon of his liking.
  10. If your husband loves braaing or barbecue, surprise him with one and have a few friends or family over.
  11. You can plan a dinner outing with just the two of you and get a sitter for the kids.
  12. Finally for my favourite one to end the day, pray over him and encourage him. It makes a world of difference trust me.

I hope these few tips can get you going on planning an awesome father’s day and be blessed!!!

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